Photo credit: Brent Calis

Photo credit: Brent Calis



“Zhenni Li’s new Steinway release is a bolt from the blue....Her beautiful sound is captured in full dimension and depth in this expertly engineered recording. Li leaves no detail of Schumann’s F sharp minor Sonata unattended. The minute scrutiny brought to every element of the score would, in other hands, fragment and shatter the piece. Yet somehow, by dint of passionate identification and sheer force of will, Li pulls it off. Her extravagant and pervasive rubato, which occasionally risks derailing everything she sets in motion, strikes nonetheless as so heartfelt and intrinsic to her emotional response to the music as to be indisputable. There are moments when you wish for more than just a few consecutive measures of steady pulse, but then Li’s torrents of voluptuous sound sweep away any reservation....Li impresses as an artist of tremendous conviction, who fascinates even as she provokes.” – Gramophone Magazine

“…a thrillingly good pianist” - The New Yorker 

“Zhenni Li…with a big, gorgeous tone and a mesmerizing touch” —The Philadelphia Inquirer

“Li is an extremely expressive artist. She understands not merely the notes on the page but how they should progress, one following the other, to make coherent musical statements....she manages to ‘lead’ the ear to connect the phrasing and complete the musical structure. This is a very high level of artistry....She presents us with a sort of smoldering undercurrent that reaches deep inside the notes. It’s hard to explain; you just have to hear it....In her hands, [Schumann’s Piano Sonata No. 1] becomes almost like a fantasy in which the composer’s mind wanders through various moods and images, portrayed vividly by this gifted and imaginative artist with a deep emotional commitment to the music she is playing.”– The Art Music Lounge

"Zhenni Li, a brilliant, sophisticated, and versatile master of piano…"  – Helsingin Sanomat (Finland)

Zhenni Li’s [Beethoven concert (no. 4)] was palpable: Full of fervor and strong expressivity. “ (Zhenni Li’s Beethoven-konsert (nr. 4) ble påtagelig: Full av inderlighet og sterk uttrykksvilje holdt hun på mye bedre på oppmerksomheten.) - Ballade Norwegian 

“sensitivity, finesse of touch and musical intelligence” - Concours Clara Haskil

“a magnetic pianist—with fire and poetry. Everyone should hear her” —David Dubal, Critic

"Zhenni Li found the quirky harmonic sensibility and strange beauty of Schumann with natural ease, with especially incisive drawing out of inner voices." —Broad Street Review

“Li recontextualizes [Schumann’s Piano Sonata No. 1 in F-sharp minor, Op. 11 and Bartók’s Two Elegies, Op. 8b] effectively. It's an impressive program, both accessible and highly original.” –  Allmusic

“Li is a real personality - she comes across as passionate, driven and resolute.” –  Pianist Magazine