The Last SOIRéE

Zhenni's Schubertiade salon debut  

  Painting by:  By Julius Schmid,1897

Painting by: By Julius Schmid,1897

For many years, human beings have fantasized about inventing a machine by which to travel through time. We will take you back in time: in observance of the custom of the time, these events will not be limited to music, readings from poetry and plays, dancing, and paintings are all fair game for an audience to experience. It’s a fully immersive experience that will leave attendees feeling as though they have visited another era.

The brainchild of Zhenni Li, Eric Silberger, and Matthew Cohen, THE LAST SOIRÉE was created from Zhenni Li's dream of a return to a time when art was synonymous with friendship, intimacy and community, and to provide an alternative to the inherent isolation of the modern concert hall. THE LAST SOIRÉE is unique in the quality of art, festivity of atmosphere and cameraderie of the spirit, with audience participation in speech and song as well as of the intrinsic emotion of the human heart.

Our Premiére edition will take place in New York this spring on April 28th, 2018 at 8pm. Come and have a good time - amazing music, literature, dance, historic ambience and wine!

LIMITED SEATS AVAILABLE. Sign up and we will send the instructions.



New York
April 28, 2018
at 8pm
Artistic Liaisons: Margo Andrea & Yuri Namkung

Coming this fall

Coming this fall
Artistic Liaison: Steven Cowan



MY SPECIAL THANKS TO: Margo Andrea, Andrea Clearfield, Matthew Cohen, Steven Cowan, Francis Lehoux, Yuri Namkung, Eric Silberger, Michael Sheridan, Sophiko Simsive, Bonnie Slobodien, John Stookey, Dan Visconti, Vera Wilson, Aaron Wunsch, Charlie Xiao for making this possible.